Ford Has Been Making Great Trucks Since the Model Years

The Ford truck is a well-known series of trucks produced and sold by Ford. In production since 1948, the F-series is an array of medium-duty trucks based on a family-oriented truck model group, most commonly seen as full-sized pickup trucks. Like its smaller Ford sister, the F-series is based on a family of Ford pickup truck models made at the Ford Motor Company’s Oak Ridge, Virginia factory.

Ford truck

One example of such a truck is the late Ford C-MAX, which was the first of the Ford C-series model years. It was followed by the powerful Ford Ranger, which is one of the world’s best selling pickup trucks today. Despite being a mid-sized truck, the Ford C-MAX featured a V-tech power train, delivering both power and economy. The truck’s 3.2-liter Ford Ecotec high-performance gasoline engine gave it an effective power boost, while Ford’s ‘ronic energy-efficient’ coolant gave it an extended life span. At the time of release, the C-MAX had set the sales record for the Ford brand, earning it a reputation as one of the world’s most practical and reliable trucks.

The next model in the Ford pickup truck series introduced the Ford K Series, which replaced the aging Ford pickups offering in the previous years. Its main advantage over the older model was the fact that it offered more cargo space than the older models, thanks to its six-passenger capacity, and could haul heavier loads due to its stronger framework. It also featured Ford’s first hybrid gasoline/diesel powertrain, using the former to power the truck’s electric motor, and the latter to power the main article. The Ford K series also set the stage for Ford’s third main model, the Ford Transit. As a substitute for the new Ford Transit, which was to be introduced in the market later on, the Ford Transit got a significant redesign, featuring new front and rear bumpers, new fenders, a longer wheelbase, revised suspension, and revised interior parts.

The Ford Transit continued to entice buyers with its excellent build quality, despite its slightly larger size. As mentioned earlier, its main advantage over the older models was its fuel efficiency, which at the time of release was quite unheard of by Ford. Ford’s new ecoboost gas-powered engine was also considerably more fuel efficient than the older model year’s. Despite its great fuel economy, however, some truck buyers remained put after finding that the Ford Transit’s transmission is a bit hard to control. As a result, Ford received a few negative reviews for the Transit, prompting it to reintroduce a couple of updates to remedy the problems, such as the Ecoboost engine replacement, and to improve on its ride and handling.

The Ford Truck has long been considered a classic American vehicle, synonymous with rugged individualism and ingenuity. The original Ford pickup truck, for instance, was a much-ballyhooed vehicle in its day, and many Ford fans still feel the same way about it to this day. Even though the Ford pickup trucks are a bit smaller than their full-sized counterparts, they’re still capable of hauling huge payloads and providing comfortable transportation from place to place. The Ford F-150, for instance, offers similar performance to the older Ford EDS, albeit with a more traditional design. As a result, many Ford truck owners would like to drive something that resembles an older Ford model, and the original Ford F-150 SUV is definitely a candidate for consideration.

In contrast, the Ford trucks in this lineup are smaller in size, but of course, not by much. Their body styles are more contemporary than any other full-size pickups, and they provide a stylish and sporty look that many people appreciate. For instance, the Ford F-250, which is the largest of the Ford truck models, features both a sporty and sleek design, one that compliments its lighter-duty structure. Its bed will have enough space to carry two fully loaded sport-utility vehicles, or one standard sized Ford truck, and it will then be able to comfortably accommodate six people. It’s because of its overall size that the Ford F-250 can actually hold a maximum capacity of 150 tons, something that is well below the weight limit of most full-sized pickup trucks.

Despite its smaller size, however, the Ford trucks in this lineup still come with all of the same great features as those found in full-sized Ford trucks. For example, the Ford truck F-350 and the Ford truck F Series offer great fuel efficiency, thanks in part to their smaller engines. Additionally, both models of the F Series can also offer upstanding gas mileage and are great performers on the road, easily rivaling the Toyota Prius and the Chevrolet Volt.

Although smaller in scale, the Ford truck models in this generation do offer some perks over its older, Supercab brethren. A gearbox that offers manual transmission, starting from the top gearbox, has been upgraded for this generation. A front air dam, previously only available on full-sized Ford trucks, has been added for greater airflow in the cab. Ford has also replaced the older version of its Supercab with a front wheel drive version of the Ford Fiesta, which is equipped with a 2.3L Eco Kit and automatic transmission. All of these upgrades have made the Ford Fiesta an even more popular choice among family car owners.

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