As I drove back to the office in my Ford pickup truck I was thinking “there must be more I could do with my truck other than running these damn errands”. The truck was only used for camping trips, getting groceries, or helping move my buddies. It was then that I realized! There must be jobs available for pickup truck owners in my area! I began researching how to use a truck to make money and found that there were several ways to earn money with my truck. Here is what I came across and what I have found to work for me:

How to Earn Money Using the assistance of your trailer and pickup truck

If you’re trying to earn money with your pickup truck it is possible to find the most work when you have a trailer as you will are able to more easily take in materials. It’s always recommended to purchase a bedliner to protect your truck bed, no matter what jobs you’ll be using it for. For instance, the DK2 Mighty Multi Utility Trailer provides an additional 5 feet by 7 feet in the event that both sides of it are raised and an additional 12 feet when the back and front gates for load-bearing are closed. The trailer is equipped with a carrying capacity of 1693 pounds. Parking becomes more difficult when you have a bigger trailer. One solution is to use the parking assistance. Some people believe that dashcams can only be utilized to record the road in front of you However, some come with reverse and parking assistance. For more information on these features and others that can help you in your financial goals take a look at my article on the benefits of dashcams to you. With the trailer, you will be able to earn money by hauling things more easily than without the aid of a trailer.

Scrapping Metal

6 Beneficial Scrap Metal Recycling Tips - Manville Recycling

You could earn quite a lot of cash “scrapping” metal that you find at your home, workplace, and even at the side of the road during trash day. It is possible to go even deeper and sign agreements with local businesses to take off their waste at no cost like mechanics. It is also possible to remove junk cars’ affordable prices to later scrap. It is advisable to be aware of the basic metals, as certain metals are more valuable than other metals. For instance, carbide is worth around $4.50 per pound. Light iron is only worth 90 cents each ton (or 4 cents per pound). You can earn a lot more money out of your scrap metal when you sort it out and “clean” as well as strip the insulation of the copper wires you’ve collected. The reason is that copper wires with insulation can be valued at around one-half of a dollar, with clean copper wires being worth more than 2 dollars for a kilogram. In addition, you’ll receive less when you must sort the various metals from one to the other. If you’ve got plenty of time and want to do it is possible to take apart appliances to get rid of those motors (which are more valuable than scrap metal).

Moving Services

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If you possess a truck as well as physical strength, then offering moving services could be an option. There is a huge market as there are many people who don’t possess a vehicle that can move their furniture, or the physical strength to transport it from one home to another. You can also offer related services, such as packing, unpacking, and furniture assembly. It is recommended to draft a contract with every customer, which clearly spells all the products and services you offer and the cost of each service, and the manner in which dispute resolution is handled. In general local moving services are priced by the number of miles or time spent.

Lawncare Services

Vinny's Lawn Care – Lawn care service in Pulaski, TN

If you are able to access lawn equipment, offering lawn care services could be a good way to earn money by using the truck to help you. The specific services you can offer are the laying of mulch, trimming hedges or planting flowers and grasses trimming lawns, mowing and edging, lawn treatment fertilizing, and de-weeding. Lawncare could earn you plenty of money particularly during the summertime. Even though you can certainly make money using the lawnmower and weed-whacker but if you’re hoping to get the most value of your lawn care business it is worth purchasing a hedger, blower spreader, sprayer, and blower in case you don’t have these. This can drastically cut down the time that you have to devote to each yard and will mean you earn more money per hour!

Construction Material Delivery

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Another option is to deliver construction materials to construction sites. You can take the materials from a location specified by the client, or from an enormous home improvement store such as Home Depot. There are also jobs transporting construction materials between construction sites. This is particularly useful for those building with a small crew or working on their own (such as those building their own home). The materials that are available include sheetrock, tiling, paint, concrete bags machines, and many more.

Trash and Junk Disposal

Talking Trash - Mobile Junk Removal

Help those who are trying to clean their backyards of junk they’ve accumulated. Renting companies at home may need your assistance when they have to evict tenants, or tenants leave the premises, or a person dies. Contacting the nearest HUD department is also an excellent way to locate jobs for trash and junk removal. To locate homes foreclosed on it is also possible to reach out to banks that offer mortgage loans. If a property is foreclosed the previous owners usually have the house in shabby condition. Cleaning it out will make the bank more cash on selling it, which makes hiring you worth the effort. The items you collect during the cleanout could also be sold through yard sales or scrap yards. It is also possible to advertise that you’ll pick up vehicles that are junk no cost or offer them a modest amount before selling it to junkyards. This could also help to scrap as a side business.

How to Make Money Without a Trailer

While it’s nice that you have a vehicle so that it is possible to carry more on one trip, not everybody has an RV or is willing to purchase one. That’s okay. There are plenty of different ways to earn money with a truck. In reality, everything that you can accomplish using a trailer, you can also accomplish without a trailer however in a smaller amount. In addition to those tasks, there are many more possibilities to do.

Snow Plowing Services

Plowing Services - Snow Removal Service - Snow Plowing

If you live in an area where it snows, starting a snow plowing business can be a great side job or seasonal work. There are many people who do not want to wake up before work to shovel out their driveway in the cold and would be more than happy to pay you to do it for them. Even more, money can be made by plowing roads that do not have a plow service provided by the local city. Alleyways, private roads, and parking lots are other areas you can plow for a significant amount of money. You will need to invest in a snowplow, salt sprayer, salt, and a snowblower.

Towing Services

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If you reside in a region where it snows, establishing your own snow plowing business could be a lucrative side-job or seasonal task. There are many who would rather not rise early in the morning to shovel their driveways during the cold and are more than willing to hire to help them take care of it for them. More money can be earned by plowing roads that don’t offer a plowing service by the city. Roads that are private,, as well as parking areas are another location where you can plough for a substantial amount of dollars. It is necessary to purchase the snowplowand salt sprayer salt and the snowblower.

 Assist Local Businesses

Tow Truck Financing & Loans by Beacon Funding

Automobiles will eventually fail at some point due to any reason, and people who suffer from it will require assistance. Towing costs are usually high which means you can earn profit and become more competitive by providing lower prices than local competitors. The quantity of tow that different trucks are able to be able to tow varies widely. Once you have a few figures from your vehicle’s owners manual (your Gross Vehicle weight Rating, also known as GVWR Gross Combination Weight Rating or GCWR as well as curb weight) It is possible to find out the carrying capacity is of the truck is by using an online calculator for towing.

Apps to Make Money with a Pickup Truck


If you own a newer or 2003 full-sized pickup truck that isn’t afflicted with cosmetic issues, you are able to deliver it to Burro. As a driver for Burro you will be able to see the details of what is requested to be delivered and the far it will take right in the application. You can then decide whether or not to accept the request. You must then show up in a matter of minutes (you cannot schedule days) and load up, carry and unload. Customers may need help packing. While it’s your choice this could be something worth doing as you’ll be compensated for the time you put into working on this. To be employed by Burro you must be at least 21 years old and able to lift 100 pounds. Also, you must have passed a DMV background test. While it’s not required however, it is recommended to carry a dashcam when you are driving with a rideshare service. My top choices of truck dash cams are listed here, and there’s an option to choose from the highest quality to the lowest cost.


The iScrap app is available for the platforms of iOS as well as Android and is accessible on their website here. With the help of their phone app or their website, you can view national scrap prices which are updated on a daily basis as well as local scrap prices, and locate scrap yards.


If you own an 2008 model truck or later, you must drive for at minimum thirty miles per day, and have an original paint job, and a clean driving history You can run your campaign with Carvertise. Carvertise is an advertising agency that places removable ads on your vehicle and then pays each month via direct payment. Once the campaign has ended they take the advertisement out of the truck. It is possible to apply on their website in just a few simple steps.


You are eligible to become an employee of a Pickup Truck for GoShare in the event that your truck is in the last 15 years and has a bed size of at least 5 feet. (so there are no Chevrolet Avalanches) and passes an inspection. The pay is hourly and at a reasonable rate. You may also work as an courier and deliver small parcels or work to other drivers who require more than their own to complete their job. If you are employed by GoShare you’ll be considered an independent contractor. You will receive a 1099 tax form for tax purposes if exceed $600 during this tax season.

Rideshare Apps

The options that have been offered so far have utilized the bed of your truck however this one doesn’t make use of it It could also be that you are the driver of an app that offers ridesharing. Ridesharing apps are applications where customers can request rides by entering their address and the destination they want to go to and select the kind of ride they would like. You could utilize your truck to earn money by offering rides, as a taxi company and inside your truck. You can choose the time you work and what rides you’d like to use. To use the rideshare app Uber you’ll require a vehicle with a 4-door that is eligible with a valid driver’s license with at minimum an year’s driving history (or three years if you are less than 23 years old) older) as well as insurance. Lyft is another rideshare application that’s worth looking into and has similar specifications.


GoTrashy is an application used to remove junk, trash pickup yard debris removal, and donation pickup. Users upload photos of the things they would like to be taken away and then the companies (haulers) offer. The customer selects the hauler they would like to work with and they will come to take away whatever they want. When your truck is a 2003 or newer model and you are able to undergo an inspection, background check, and background check for driving, then you can make use of GoTrashy. It is also necessary to possess an iPhone or Android phone, as well as a checking account for direct deposits, and be able to have the ability to speak English.


BuddyTruk is a software designed specifically designed to move furniture. This is an excellent alternative for those who don’t want unpleasant surprises when you make a delivery and also helps maintain your truck in top shape compared to other options in which you might be hauling garbage. All you have to be is 21 or more, pass the background check, and then fill out a form regarding your truck. Find out more information about how to sign-up on the BuddyTruk website.

How to Find Independent Contractor Pickup Truck Jobs

Many of the jobs listed above that you can look into if own an automobile or pickup truck are jobs that are freelance But how do you locate these jobs? There are two alternatives. You search for them using the same methods as other job or begin a small company. You can use online job search engines such as Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder. These websites allow you can enter your zip code or town and also keywords such as “pickup truck”. You can also search for jobs through classified advertisements sites such as Craigslist but you’ll need to be on guard and secure when you are seeking work directly from your customers.

Create Your Own Small Business

It is not just possible to make use of Craigslist to help you locate temporary side jobs for your truck however, you could make use of it to market your small business if you opt to go this route. It all depends on the kind of small business you’d like to establish you must think about insurance. A few insurance options to be aware of our automobile insurance (bodily harm or destruction to properties caused by your truck) and general liability (bodily injury or property damage caused by you like accidentally causing an opening in the wall of the customer’s house as you attempt to move an item) as well as legal liability for cargo (damage to the customer’s merchandise during transport). Transguard is an excellent insurance provider to take a cue from as they are a specialist in the insurance of freelancers in the moving, freight, and home delivery business. I’m not able to talk enough about dashcams. If something catastrophic occurred when you were transporting people or goods There is no better backup option than video evidence of what actually occurred. If you decide to buy one, I’ve put together an article on aspects to think about before purchasing the dashcam.

If you don’t approach another firm for job opportunities for pickup trucks, you’ll need to research the requirements of your state and local authorities to obtain a business license and obtain MC or DOT identification numbers obtain an IFTA and apply for UCR registration. The DOT numbers are required for any commercial vehicle that transports passengers or goods. An MC number is mandatory since you will be operating as a for-hire driver at a cost. Further information on this is available on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. It is also necessary to submit the fuel you purchase to your state’s tax authorities. If you intend to conduct business in the state of your residence, you will are only required to file the Non-International Fuel Tax Agreement form each year. If you plan to travel internationally and need to submit an INFA/MCRT form each quarter, and you must have receipts to support it. You must then get UCR certified and be liable for an annual cost that is based on the size of your fleet. For you, it’s only one truck! It may seem like quite a bit of work, however, if you’re looking to take all the earnings and run your own company, this might be the right choice for you. It will save time and money well-spent.

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