Ford to Join the Compact Car Market in the Next Decade


Ford Motor Company is an American motor company headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, United States of America. It was established by Henry Ford and launched on June 16, 1903. The company manufactures automobiles and other commercial vehicles under the Ford name, and also under the Lincoln brand. The company is the largest producer of passenger automobiles in the world. In the late 20th century, it emerged as a major producer of trucking, aviation, and power vehicles.

Ford Motor Company has been very successful in providing the solutions required by the customers across the world. At present, it designs and manufactures different types of vehicles, such as passenger cars, trucks, performance cars, SUVs, and mini vans etc. Under the Ford name, various models and series of vehicles are manufactured. Some of them are: F-series, E-series, X-series, and Z-series. So, we can say that Ford has created a distinct brand identity for itself, which is spread over the whole world.

Now let’s have a look at Ford vehicle’s warranty and various Ford vehicles accessories. Under Ford vehicle’s warranty, there are two main categories of repairs, replacement and service contracts. Under replacement or repair services, the vehicle’s spare parts are exchanged, repaired or replaced in case of malfunction. For service contracts, repair work is generally scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

The Ford Performance parts are designed to maximize the output of the Ford engine and to provide unmatched speed and durability. These parts help to modify the performance of the Ford engine and bring about noticeable changes in the rate of acceleration, Horse Power (HP) and torque. The Ford Performance parts are also designed in such a way that they meet all the requirements of the Ford vehicle and other models of Ford vehicles. The Ford Performance parts include; fuel efficiency kits, custom exhaust systems, heavy duty engines, automatic transmission and so forth.

As per the latest poll, it has been estimated that Ford is considering re-branding its range of vehicles and is even considering a complete redesign of its entire fleet of vehicles. This is a big surprise to the car industry, as Ford has been a main player in making ford vehicles one of the most durable, reliable and economical car brands in the world. It would be very surprising if Ford decides to scrap the current Ford Focus and release a new model that is based on the new Ford Focus specifications.

With the news of the re-branding and a new styling for Ford cars, it would mean a loss of business for some of the major car brands that are a part of the Ford Motors. For instance, General Motors would be a direct competitor to Ford with its new model of a small car called the Chevrolet Volt. In addition, at the time of making the announcement, it was said that production of Ford’s SUV, C-MAX and EA being delayed. However, the whole scenario changed when President Obama was keeping updated with the new development. Now we know that all these rumors were just a media stunt and the new Ford performance car will be launched in the next year.

While speaking to the press after winning the presidential race, Mr. Obama reportedly mentioned that he is very happy about the decision made by Mr. Ford and also welcomes any suggestions from the auto maker for developing more affordable vehicles for the American people. He further stated that he looks forward to joint ventures with Ford for the betterment of the country. Last year, President Obama had travelled to the Ford Motors plant in Dearborn, Michigan along with his cabinet and other government officials. During the visit, President Obama reportedly focused a lot on the success stories of the workers at the Ford Motor Company and had promised a whole lot of things to them including federal help for the struggling automobile company.

In other news, Ford has already started producing prototypes of their future small car models. They are said to be taking full advantage of the technology being used in these cars, which has led to significant advancements in the technology used in future vehicles. So, it is expected that we would see a whole lot of exciting things happening in the near future regarding Ford’s plans to enter the future of automobiles. However, it is quite expected that Ford will not introduce any new models in the foreseeable future. Rather they are expected to come up with fresh technologies to improve the production efficiency and thereby increase the sales prospects for their existing vehicles. However, all this is going to take place only when their sales for their small cars meets the growing demands for buying economy and midsize vehicles.

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