Ford Holding Off on Bringing Out a New Mini


Ford Motor Company is an American international automobile manufacturer based in Dearborn, Michigan, United States of America. It was established by Henry Ford and officially incorporated on May 16, 1903. The company sells electric motor vehicles and commercial vehicles under the Ford name, and also under the Lincoln name. The manufacturing of vehicles and engines is done in Mexico and China, however, Ford products are sold all over the world. It also produces pickups, sport utility vehicles, minivans, and Fords that compete with Toyota and Mazda.

Ford motor company’s worldwide manufacturing strategy is centered on building high-quality, dependable, long-lasting, easy to use, economical vehicles. It employs a technique called “Ford construction” whereby the factory is able to build quality Ford vehicles with the help of labor and quality equipment. The assembly line technique helps Ford to achieve excellent quality and to meet the demanding international automotive competition. Since inception, Ford has used manual labor when assembling vehicles, thereby reducing the total production costs. Today Ford has various small and large workshops across the world where car manufacturing takes place. These Ford workshops are called Ford assembly plants.”

In recent times, Ford has been increasing its investments in research and development areas such as batteries and advanced technologies, which have helped it to remain competitive in the auto industry. According to the World Automobile Forums (WANet), in the last three years, Ford has invested more than $7 billion into research and development. “We are spending wisely on technology. The auto industry as a whole is not doing so well. We have to take these factors into consideration while building our vehicles,” said Bill Ford, CEO of Ford.

Besides Ford’s automotive division, the automaker has its own green technologies center. The Ford Focus and Mustang models are the latest to get an all-electric vehicle treatment. In addition, Ford is working hard on developing hybrid versions of its popular Ford vehicles. In fact, it has already started testing a Ford Tri-Band vehicle. While the company is yet to release the all-electric vehicles that will replace the current Ford C-MAX and Fusion sedans, it is understood that there are several other plug-in hybrids being worked on by Ford at its factory and research facility.

Another division in Ford’s fleet management operations is the Ford Vehicle Development and Innovation (FDI) wing. FDI is mainly directed towards hybrid and other electric vehicle projects. The division also manufactures mini-plug-in hybrid vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and full-size pickups. According to PR Week, at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford plans to increase its investment in infotainment this year. In the past, the automaker had invested heavily in the development of its in-car infotainment system – including its Magic Desire feature – but the need to create a more universal platform for its technology to reach every family in the US was felt. With these technological developments, and the infusion of greater corporate synergy, it is expected that we will soon witness not only a convergence in technology, but also the integration of advanced technologies in such diverse segments as transportation, security, mobility and consumer electronics.

There have been rumors that the next Ford vehicles to receive the all-electric treatment would be the Lincoln Town Car and the Fusion. However, a top management official told journalists that the new name for these vehicles would be “high tech.” Reports suggest that the name change will take effect on production sometime in the next year. One thing is for sure, though; all Ford vehicles will be getting an all-new design. Ford has said it will ditch the “work truck” look in favor of a more futuristic look.

The Ford motor company currently operates four auto manufacturing plants in the world: in Dearborn, Michigan; in Riverside, California; in Toledo, Ohio; in Mexico City, Mexico. All these plants employ over 3 hundred thousand people and employ a further twelve hundred auto assemblers. Many Ford workers have been put on paid leave while the automaker conducts an under-scale operation of its new Global Focus autonomous car project. The Dearborn plant has been rumored to be shutting down, but this has yet to be confirmed.

As for the Ford Global product line, the two most important vehicle categories are its pickup trucks and SUV products. Although there is no confirmation, it is expected that the Ford pickup truck will receive a complete makeover and be received into the market by selling cars. Expect Ford to sell its Fusion, Mustang, and Fusion SUV in the markets around the world. A hybrid version of the Ford Escape is also expected to enter the market, in addition to the previously mentioned Ford turbocharged engines.

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