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Ford Motor Company is an American motor manufacturer based in Dearborn, Michigan, United States of America. It was founded by Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company manufactures cars and other commercial vehicles under the Ford name, and also under the Lincoln luxury line. The name Ford comes from Ford Motor Company’s name and the Ford trademark.


A notable characteristic of Ford is its consistent quest for excellence. Every new model that is introduced has gone through a series of quality checks and Ford engineering follows this disciplined process. Ford’s commitment to quality is evidenced by the fact that it does not sell a vehicle unless it meets with all industry and state regulatory standards. Also, Ford follows a progressive manufacturing strategy by introducing progressive features and technology into its vehicles. Apart from these, Ford has come up with innovative ideas to revolutionize the way the automobile is manufactured.

Ford has established a world-class reputation for itself in the automobile world. A great number of car lovers and automobile owners are loyal customers to the Ford Motor Company. They choose Ford automobiles for various reasons, and most of them prefer these cars for reasons such as flexibility, durability, reliability and fuel efficiency. Ford cars are also preferred by government organizations, which require large capacity production automobiles. Many Ford vehicles are modified in order to meet the requirements of these government organizations.

Ford is committed to providing its full attention to customer needs. In fact, it sells different models of vehicles according to the tastes and preferences of customers. The company categorizes its products according to the various segments it offers. The products sold by Ford are classified under the names Ford Crownaults, Ford Ranger, Ford Corsos, Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford Mustang, and Ford Fusion.

Ford has also launched its name brand car accessory products like floor mats, steering wheel covers, seat covers, dashboard trims and many more. These products are designed to enhance the looks of the vehicles. It is also selling an extensive range of performance parts. Some of these parts include Ford power converters, Ford brake pads, Ford engine parts, and Ford transmission fluid.

Ford has its own customized accessories manufacturing business. Ford hot rods are one of its famous products. These cars have set off a craze among youngsters. Hot rods are the modified versions of the muscle cars.

Ford is involved in the manufacture of various kinds of accessories. Some of these accessories include floor mats, steering wheels covers, dashboard trims, seat covers and many more. These products help the Ford automobiles stand out from the other brands. Apart from automobile products, Ford also manufactures various kinds of pet products such as dog houses, cat houses and so on. Ford has also created a world-wide reputation for itself for producing quality and stylish pet products.

The company also deals with the manufacturing of truck accessories. It manufactures automatic window tint kits, floor mats, and many other accessories. Some of the products manufactured by Ford are also used by several car manufacturers in the field of auto accessories. Auto products manufactured by Ford have become extremely popular among various car owners. This is because they meet all the quality standards and are long lasting.

Even though the company’s product line is vast, some of its most popular products are mentioned here. One of the top selling products manufactured by Ford is the Ford supercharger. This high engine automobile accessory retails for almost $20,000. Many automobile experts suggest that buyers should buy this accessory if they have an ultra-green automobile.

The Ford name is known for its high quality. It is not just the name but the quality that are the driving force behind the name. In addition, Ford has the ability to give any model the ability to go faster than the competition. This high performance can be seen in the Ford superchargers. These products help owners of Ford’s vehicles to enjoy their rides at a higher level.

It is not just the name that makes Ford hot. It is the products that also give it the name that consumers can recognize right away. These hot vehicles are known for their great engines and the accessories that come with these engines. Ford cars are known for the durability that comes with it. For a Ford owner, having a durable car means having a hot ride. Ford is known to produce reliable cars and Ford accessories make those cars even better.

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