Ford Focus – A Smart Investment


Ford Motor Company is an American multi-national auto manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, United States of America. It was established by Henry Ford and officially incorporated in June 1903. The company markets automobiles and other commercial vehicles under the Ford name, and also under the Lincoln brand. Ford vehicles are famous for various reasons, but one of the most important is their durability.

The Ford Motor Company has produced a vast number of cars that are still running daily in this day and age. These cars have served customers for decades with efficiency and reliability. Ford is one of the most successful and long standing car brands in the world today. In fact, it has surpassed General Motors and Chrysler in terms of global popularity.

For those who were too young to remember, or even care, about Ford’s humble beginning, let us review the following history. This is a brief outline of how the Ford Motor Company began its illustrious history and developed into the great company that it is today. First Ford cars were made in small numbers, as they were not highly competitive, but in no time, the company began mass production of its cars.

The Ford Motor Company started out making just Ford cars. Shortly after, it expanded into other vehicles including passenger automobiles, pickups, and utility vehicles. In addition to these two major types of Ford vehicles, the Ford Motor Company manufactured, sold, and built parts for an enormous array of other vehicles including buses, trucks, buses, tractors, ambulances, and taxicabs. In short, Ford has been a major player in the transportation industry for many years.

With the advent of Henry Ford, America was introduced to the Ford assembly line. As America turned more automotive manufacturing inward, Ford’s sales increased dramatically. Many attributed this growth to Henry Ford’s famous “no guts, no sweat” work ethic. During World War II, however, Ford did not receive any production incentives from the United States military. Because of this, Ford received heavy penalties for opening its factory in Dearborn, Michigan.

With the onset of the “New Model” program, Ford was once again able to receive heavy incentives from the United States military. After experiencing a substantial decline in sales for its Mustangs and other vehicles, however, Ford was forced to begin selling cheaper vehicles in order to stoke up sales. Although the Ford Motor Company was still experiencing financial hardships, it still managed to introduce various new models of Mustangs and other vehicles. Once again, thanks to incentives offered by the United States military, Ford was able to increase its sales figures.

Today, General Motors, Chrysler, and Toyota are all American-based businesses, and they continue to thrive thanks to an excellent supply chain. In addition, although Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company as an automotive manufacturer, it was forced to start selling its wares in order to remain financially stable during the Great Depression. Only later did Ford feel comfortable enough to establish a daily wage for his workers. Today, every Ford worker is paid a basic wage, which includes all benefits and regular deductions. This gives Ford a strong advantage over the other manufacturers because its products require less manual labor, thus allowing Ford workers to increase their purchasing power.

Today, American consumers enjoy purchasing new vehicles that feature Ford’s quality and dependability. Indeed, many individuals purchase their own cars so they can avoid dealing with troublesome and dysfunctional new vehicle salespeople. Since Ford Focus automobiles are built to withstand everyday wear and tear, it is highly unlikely that a new Focus owner will encounter any problems with his or her vehicle. Many Ford Focus owners are also very happy with the car’s overall durability and dependability. For these reasons, a new Ford Focus is a smart investment for any American citizen who wants to ensure that his or her vehicle is dependable and durable.

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