Auto Industry News – Jeff Immel to Take the helm of Ford


Ford Motor Company is an American multi-brand automobile company based in Dearborn, Michigan, United States of America. It was established by Henry Ford and headquartered on June 16, 1903. The company sells cars and other commercial vehicles under the Ford name, and also under the Lincoln brand. It is also one of the largest producers of trucks in the world.

In addition, it designs, manufactures and markets accessories for Ford vehicles, namely the Ford Focus, Ford C-MAX, Ford Kuga, and Ford Transit. It also offers Ford credit cards and related products. The company is engaged in selling cars and other vehicles, parts and accessories, Ford Crown Victorias, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo and in the auto finance and leasing business.

A new innovation by the company called ‘Sync’, lets the Ford Focus connects to the computerized GPS systems of Mercedes Benz E-boats in order to locate gas stations, oil wells, restaurants and other points of interest around the world. This enables the driver to find his way in unfamiliar places. The Ford Motor Company is also in the process of developing and selling electric vehicles.

In the field of hybrid automobiles, the Ford Motor Company has developed, so far, three different models-powered by gasoline, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles. These are the Ford Escape, Ford Taurus, and Ford Fusion. All these are currently on sale.

In the field of plug-in hybrids, Ford Motor Company has developed the Mercury Grand Marquis, which is fitted with an electric motor and a hydrogen fuel cell. It has been found to have better power than the Honda Civic, towing capacity twice as big, more passenger space than the Toyota Prius and greater energy efficiency. Ford’s first hybrid vehicle, the Ford Escape is now available with a diesel engine. Some auto manufacturers like Ford, Toyota and others are working on hybrid vehicles.

Meanwhile, at the Detroit Auto Show, it was revealed that there are several more auto industry projects in the works. Several car manufacturers have already released some of their models in the current and near future. One such vehicle is coming from Ford, it will be the Ford EQX. Expect Ford’s other auto industry projects, including trucks, SUV’s and other products to hit the market sometime in the next few years.

An interesting auto industry trend is electric vehicles. It seems as though ford will be releasing an all-electric vehicle sometime in the next few years. The timing of such an announcement is uncertain, but it definitely does not mean that ford is giving up on gas prices, just that they will be diversifying their portfolio. More on electric vehicles in the future.

The final part of the Ford CEO reshuffle is expected to be the introduction of a hybrid version of the Ford Focus. It will be interesting to see if Ford is successful at selling cars with gas mileage and electric vehicles, or if they continue to flounder in the market place. In order to sell cars, you have to have buyers. Ford is looking hard at how it will enter the trucking industry with its new Focus, because so many people dream about being truck drivers. Stay tuned for more news on the Ford Focus and other new vehicles from Ford.

There is no doubt that Jeff Immelt is a tough guy. During his tenure as the CFO of Boeing, he almost single handedly got Boeing through its bankruptcy. He managed to steer the company back on track, and they are now growing again like a giant plant. Now he is tasked with turning around Ford, and one way that he plans to do that is to cut costs and increase productivity. Cutting costs is one thing, increasing productivity is another, and that is something we should expect from Ford CEO during his term as president of Ford.

One of the first places that we will see a boost in productivity from Ford is in the production of their vehicles. Ford is currently losing out to its competitors by far in the production of vehicles. For example, Toyota is currently manufacturing five times the number of vehicles that Ford is producing. With Ford’s current situation with sales in the dumps and production levels remaining relatively high, I expect Ford to either completely ditch their semi trucks for their pickup models, or completely downsize them.

In terms of selling cars, this would be a shot in the arm for Ford. The Ford brand has always been a strong seller in the past, and I expect that to continue in the upcoming years. Between the recent success of Ford Focus and Ford Transit, it appears that Ford is again looking to expand their auto manufacturing into the north America. They already have some facility in Mexico, so a move to the more northern part of the country could only be good news for Ford customers. I see Ford moving ahead with these plans, and I also see their trucks and SUV’s performing solidly in the market place.

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